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Do you want to work in an interdisciplinary team according to the Fact Young model?

Nic Waals Institute
We are looking for a psychologist specialist for Fact Ung, Sankt Hanshaugen.

FACT Ung is a 3-year pilot project. The project is a collaboration between Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus/Nic Waals Institute and the district of Sankt Hanshaugen. FACT Ung, or the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment team, will provide treatment and practical follow-up in collaboration with the district and experience consultant in the youth arena together with family and other important people in the network. The target group will be children/young people aged 12-18 (23), with serious and/or complex support needs who do not benefit from the support system as it is today. Many have complex difficulties and low functioning, often combined with a lack of diagnosis and, in some cases, substance abuse challenges. The project period is coming to an end, but, like Fact Ung Grünerløkka, we have applied for an extra operating year because the pandemic made starting Fact Ung difficult at times.

In Fact Ung Sankt Hanshaugen, we have a vacant 1-year temporary position as a psychologist specialist. Psychologists who have come a long way in their specialization and who see it as possible to take responsibility for a period during constitution as a specialist are also encouraged to apply for the position. Section Ambulant at NWI has, through the line of management, system responsibility for positions towards the district, even though the general manager of Fact Ung is employed by the district. The clinic’s expertise team for eating disorders, treatment of psychosis and neurodevelopmental disorders are available as discussion and/or investigation arenas for practitioners in Fact Ung.

Familiarity with the Nic Waals Institute and our treatment line is an advantage, but not a necessary prerequisite for applying for the position. In the case of internal applications from permanent employees, we will arrange for leave from a permanent position.

The tasks include:
Treatment and follow-up of young people, family and cooperation agencies with establishment of contact/alliance and design of treatment plans for all interventions. Work in a multidisciplinary team according to the Fact Young model with board meetings, review of patient history and assessment of the need for intensity in the follow-up, adjustment of treatment offers and specialist assessments. Participate in interdisciplinary investigation work in ambulatory settings where there is a need to make new diagnostic assessments, make risk assessments etc. Cooperation with networks and relevant bodies, system work
Contribute with cooperation and guidance to other partners around the patient in the 1st line services and other specialist health services.

Continue the work to develop a good operating model in the FACT Ung team with a view to sustainable, relevant and important help for a patient group that currently does not have an adequate offer, so that we would recommend incorporating the project into normal operations.


Norwegian authorization as a psychologist and approval as a specialist
Good communication skills
Very good oral and written presentation skills in Norwegian
Applicants for the position should have experience from clinical work and follow-up of complex condition pictures from PHBU
Experience from work with and interest in ambulatory investigation and treatment work
Experience with development of new service
models Personal suitability and collaborative
skills Ability to be flexible and independent, ability to work purposefully and structured
Knowledge of electronic record systems, particularly relevant: DIPS Arena

We can offer:

An exciting assignment with good opportunities to help influence the development of a new offer for children and young people.
A well-established professional network for NWI and a new and exciting working environment with opportunities for professional development
. Experienced and skilled colleagues in an environment characterized by great commitment and high professionalism
. The hospital has staff cabins in Trysil and Eggedal.
A clinic and a hospital that lives up to the values ​​of charity and quality in all parts of the business
Salary according to agreement between Spekter and the organisations.
Good pension scheme in KLP.
An active company sports team with a wide range of services.
Good welfare schemes.

Loyalty to the hospital’s diaconal values ​​is expected.
Two reference persons are requested.

According to the law of 1 April 2007, health and social care personnel who are to provide services to children must present a police certificate in connection with appointment.

For questions about the position, you can contact section manager Suzanne Børretzen or clinic manager Anne-Stine Meltzer (22028800).

About the employer

Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus AS is a local hospital for approx. 200,000 residents in several central districts of Oslo within internal medicine and mental health care. The hospital has an extensive planned surgery as well as special functions such as Lovisenberg relief and life support and the national oral medicine competence center TAKO. The hospital is owned by the diaconal foundations Diakonova and Diakonissehuset Lovisenberg, and has an operating agreement with Helse Sør-East RHF. The hospital is based on a diaconal value base with a non-commercial purpose. As an employee with us, it is expected that you actively contribute to us living up to our core values ​​of quality and charity. See

SectorPrivatePlaceLovisenberggt. 17, 0440 OsloIndustryhealth and carePosition functionHealth personnel / Psychologist

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