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New drugs recommended by the WHO for the treatment of patients with COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended two new drugs to treat patients with COVID-19.

The drug baricitinib (a type of drug such as the Janus kinase inhibitor [JAK] used to treat rheumatoid arthritis), according to the WHO, is recommended for use in critically ill and critically ill patients, in combination with corticosteroids, which are potent drugs. against inflammation and strengthen the immune response.

The WHO said the recommendation is based on data suggesting it improves the chances of survival and reduces the need for patients to be ventilated and has not been found to cause side effects.

WHO experts say baricitinib has similar effects to other arthritis medications, IL-6 (anti-inflammatory drug) inhibitors, so if these two medications are available, the organization recommends that patients choose one of them. “Based on cost, availability and doctor’s recommendation”. However, it is not recommended that these two medications be taken at the same time.

The recommendation for the use of these drugs was made from new data from seven studies involving 4,000 patients with COVID-19 with mild, severe, and critical infections.

In updating the guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19, WHO experts have recommended against the use of both drugs ruxolitinib and tofacitinib for patients with severely ill or critically ill COVID-19, as studies have not found that patients can have benefits from them and there is a risk of severe side effects.

Also, in this new guide, the WHO has made a conditional recommendation for the use of the monoclonal antibody sotrovimab in patients who have not developed severe coronavirus disease and this type of treatment can only be used in people at high risk of hospitalization, because as the WHO said, patients who are not in serious condition do not have great benefits from this treatment.

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