Tesla breaks record in car sales


Tesla announced it delivered a record 308,600 cars in the last quarter of last year, which is well above 263,026, as forecast by Wall Street analysts.

Elon Musk’s company achieved this business success despite the lack of chips in the world market, mainly thanks to increased production in China, Reuters reported.

It is the sixth consecutive quarter in which the world’s most valuable carmaker recorded record deliveries.

In October-December last year, almost 30 percent more cars were delivered to the market than in the third quarter and 70 percent more than in the last quarter of 2020, the statement said.

Tesla has significantly increased production in China for sale in that country and for export to Europe, despite increased competition and increased number of complaints due to car safety problems.

The announcement states that in the last quarter of last year, 296,850 compact Model 3 and Model Y cars were sold, as well as 11,750 Model S and Model X cars.


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