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Skoda has released drawings revealing the design of the Enyaq Coupe

Skoda is slowly preparing for the premiere of the coupe version of its electric crossover Enyaq. Proof of this are the new teaser drawings published by the company from Mlada Boleslav for the new Enyaq Coupe iV. Although the Czech manufacturer is known for its extremely practical cars, demand still dictates the pace of the market, and Škoda does not want to lag behind competitors.

Of course, the attractive downhill cover that adorns this type of model will take its toll when it comes to luggage capacity. Thus, compared to the standard Enyaq, the Enyaq Coupe will have 15 liters less space, but that is certainly a negligible number because customers will still have 570 liters available in the trunk. In any case, in anticipation of the premiere scheduled for the end of this month, Škoda showed the elegant design of the electric crossover in the new drawings.

Slightly larger dimensions compared to the standard model
The standard Enyaq has a coefficient of resistance of 0.247, and the coupe is expected to arrive with a slightly lower coefficient of 0.234, which should contribute to a slightly larger range of motion. The model will probably keep the Coupe suffix in the official name, but it should also be noted that this version will be one millimeter higher than the regular model. It will also be four millimeters longer and will share the same illuminated grille that adorns the “ordinary” Enyaq.

As previously announced, the odakoda Enyaq Coupe iV will be offered in a configuration with 180, 204 and 264 hp, and customers will be able to choose between 62 or 82 kWh battery. An RS variant is also expected, which would arrive a little later and would have around 300 hp. The lower equipment levels will have rear-wheel drive and one electric motor, while the more powerful ones will also have an electric motor on the front axle for all-wheel drive.

Following its digital world premiere in Prague later this month, the coupe version of the Enyaq will go on sale later this year in Europe.

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