New scandal on the horizon: How did Nadal enter Australia?


While the best tennis player in the world, Novak ковиokovi., Has been locked up in the migrant hotel in Melbourne for five days, Rafa Nadal celebrated winning the first trophy of the new season.

When it comes to Nadal, there is speculation that the Spaniard violated Australian regulations related to Covid-19.

Serbian footballer Milos Ninkovic, who has been playing in Australia for years, said something that could cause a new scandal.

“Many tennis players came in because they received a medical exemption, only Novak was imprisoned. Nobody talks about that. “If you are an Australian citizen and you are not in the country and you have received a coin in another country, you will not be able to enter Australia for the next 14 days.”

As far as I remember, Nadal announced that he was infected on December 20, and he entered Australia on December 30 or 31. So less than two weeks have passed. Nobody writes about this, nobody asks this question. How did that happen? “This only shows that Djokovic was their target from the beginning,” Ninkovic said.


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