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Noizy: Financially I can be the richest of all European rappers

Renowned rapper Rigels Rajku, known as Noizy has had quite a bit of success during the year he left behind. He was recently invited to the show “Jonida’s Room”, where he also showed what 2021 was like for him and his plans for 2022.

Asked about his music career during the year he left behind, the rapper said that he is very satisfied, even for 2021 he singled out the collaboration with the singer Dhurata Dora, as he announced to his fans that he will publish an album this year.

“As seen from the figures, the most successful collaboration has been with Dhurata Dora for all Albanians, we have super collaborations with other artists for 2022 and above all a super album. It’s one of my favorite albums. I collaborate with famous rappers in Italy. I have CapoPlaza, Megali from Italy. From France I have MelaCream which is one of the biggest rappers. I also have big reps in England and Germany. I collaborate more with European rappers because I have a very good Vibe, while American rappers ask for money and do not provide support. “They see it as a job, they never provide support,” said Noizy.

Noizy indicated that he will have some completed collaborations with artists from Italy, France and Germany, while he wants to realize a collaboration with Drake.

“I would very much like to do a collaboration with Drake, which can probably be done because he comes to England very often. “But a cooperation can be realized with him only if he likes” vibe “, because he does not need money”, he said.

“I did not have dilemmas, I have a lot of self-confidence. The idea is that I have had a lot of success outside Albania. “I can be in the rank of all European rappers very high, not to mention financially that I can be the highest”, added the rapper.

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