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Eriksen: I did not expect so many flowers and letters just because I died five minutes ago

Christian Eriksen, six months after suffering a terrible heart attack on the football field, plans to return to the Danish national team for the World Cup in Qatar in December, saying that it is a “goal and a dream”.

Eriksen was brought back to life on the field at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen during the first match of EURO 2020 in Denmark against Finland on June 12, after which he was taken to hospital, where he was placed on an ICD device, ie a mini-defibrillator. As Serie A is not allowed to play with such a device, Inter and Eriksen have agreed to terminate the contract, and speculation is that he will soon look for a new club.

The 29-year-old Dane says that the real dream is to play in Qatar, but adds that the final decision will be made by coach Casper Hulmand.

“My goal is to play in the World Cup in Qatar. I love to play, and that was my mentality all the time. That is the goal, the dream. Whether I will be elected is another matter. But the dream remains the same. I’m sure I can go back to football because I do not feel different. I am physically in top shape, and until then I will just play football and prove that I am at the right level. My dream is to play Parken again to prove that it will not happen again. “My heart is not an obstacle,” Eriksen said in an interview with the Danish TV network DR.

He said he was surprised by the worldwide reaction to his case, admitting he did not expect such support “just because he died five minutes ago”.

“It was amazing that so many people thought they had to write a message or send flowers. It affected a lot of people and they wanted me and my family to know. That made me happy. At the hospital I was just told that I was getting new flowers. It was weird because I did not expect them to send flowers because I was only five minutes old. The support helped me get through that period. I personally thanked the people I met. To the doctors, to the teammates and to their families. “But I can only thank the thousands of fans, in Italy and Denmark, by returning to the pitch.”

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