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At a dizzying price, Melania Trump puts her hat up for auction

Former United States First Lady Melania Trump is preparing to auction off a collection of “Heads of State,” as it is called. A hat is also part of the collection, her office said in a statement. Only Solana cryptocurrencies will be accepted for purchase.

The hat will be available for sale from January 11 to 25, exclusively online, with a starting price of $ 250,000, or about 1,416 Solana, according to Donald Trump’s wife’s website.

According to the press release of her office, the hat in question Mrs. Trump used when French President Emanuel Macron went to the White House with his wife Brigitte Macron in Washington in April 2018.

The hat is designed exclusively for the US First Lady by her personal stylist, French-American Hervé Pierre.

The auction also includes a watercolor painting by French artist Marc Antoine Coulomb, the hat as well as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) digital work with the same watercolors.

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