The Tesla Model 3 and Y come with a new chip and new battery


Tesla will introduce a new AMD Ryzen chip and a new 12-volt battery in the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y models, as reported by Elektrek.

Accordingly, a 12 volt lithium-ion battery will replace the lead acid battery currently in use. In the Model S and Model X, the switch to lithium-ion battery was made almost a year ago.

In the past, lead batteries have been constantly plagued by failures.
Most electric cars usually have a 12 volt battery.

This supplies for example central locking, alarm systems and lights with electricity. When the car is parked, the car battery is often disconnected from the high voltage mains and reconnected only when “switched on”.

While most drivers with the new battery should not notice any difference with the old one, the new Ryzen chip should bring significant improvements compared to the previous Intel Atom chip. The menu works much faster, as was already apparent in a direct comparison.


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