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  • Tragsatec SME, MP, needs to hire a higher degree to carry out support work in terms of official controls and management of food quality databases.


  • Technical tasks included in the commission’s activities:
    • Actions in the field of differentiated agri-food quality (Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications) or in the field of organic production.
    • Control visits to verify compliance with the specifications of the differentiated quality figures
    • Other types of cabinet work related to the field of differentiated quality or ecological agri-food production: preparation and management of documentation, maintenance of databases, etc.
    • The candidate will have to travel, drive and carry out inspections of farms and agri-food industries throughout the national territory.

Type of journey:Full timeRequired qualification:

  • Senior Agronomist Engineer
  • Master’s Degree in Agronomic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Previous experience required:

  • REQUIREMENTS (essential):
    • Higher degree approved in Spain in Higher Engineering in Agronomy and / or Bachelor’s Degree, Agricultural Technical Engineering + Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine or Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine.
    • Access level and Excel at user level.
    • Type B driving license and availability to travel.
    • Specific training in agri-food quality control.
    • Experience in at least 4 creditable audits in the field of agri-food quality in farms or agri-food establishments.
    • At least 1 year experience in verification / control of compliance with the Specifications of PDO / PGI products in Regulatory Councils / control entities.

    MERITS (assessable):
    • Experience in any of these subjects:
    Agri-food certification entities.
    Regulatory Councils PDO and PGI in verification of compliance with the Specifications.
    Agri-food quality inspection / control / consulting.
    Agri-food companies in the quality control department.
    • Specific experience in verifying compliance with the specifications of an agri-food PDO / PGI in a regulatory council / control entity.
    • Previous experience in any of these sectors:
    1. Pig or sheep farms.
    2. Fresh meat.
    3. Cured ham.
    4. Cheese.
    5. Wine.
    6. Fruits and vegetables.
    7. Rice.


    • Fixed-term contract of approximately 14 months duration and possibilities of renewal or continuity if applicable.
    • Full day of 37.5 hours per week.
    • Help with food in the form of a dining ticket on those days that you work in the afternoon.
    • Location: Tragsatec offices located on Julián Camarillo street, in Madrid.
    • Carrying out approximately 6-8 trips a year to carry out audits of PDO / IGP control entities and agri-food operators within the entire Spanish territory.

    The deadline for receiving applications will be open from 12/30/2021 to 01/10/2022 at 11:59 p.m.
    In the case of degrees obtained in foreign universities and / or centers, a certificate of homologation or equivalence issued by the MEFP, the Ministry of Universities of Spain or the European Diploma Supplement (SET) must be attached as an Annex to the application.

    Any temporary contract resulting from this selection process will guarantee the operation and maintenance of the projects / services by the Tragsa Group, as well as compliance with internal regulations and current labor legislation.

    If the person who is selected in this process maintains a current employment relationship in the company, the signing of the new contract entails the non-existence of reservation of his current job, having to previously carry out the appropriate legal procedures.

    In the event of withdrawals from this project, the people registered for coverage may be contacted with a contract of an estimated duration depending on the causal event.

    In order to comply with the RRH.09 Standard for the Promotion of the incorporation of people with disabilities in the Tragsa Group, under equal conditions, the candidatures of those people who have an equal or higher recognized and accredited disability will be prioritized to 33%, as long as the disability is compatible with the adequate performance of the position.

    The registration and presentation of your job application implies the declaration responsible for compliance with the requirements contained in it, as well as the veracity of your answers to the filtering questions or killer questions, that you answer in relation to it, and may be rejected in the event that its non-compliance or lack of veracity is proven.


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