Professional maid, SLEEPING WITH 130 MARRIED, has the most work for the holidays (PHOTO)


Gwyneth Lee, 49, from London, works as a professional mistress. For her it is a way of earning, but as much as she is interested, it is also her way of life.

She started working while she was married, before her husband’s death, after discovering that he had cheated on her with many women, so she decided to do the same. After he died, she realized that she did not want to remarry, but that she wanted to continue sleeping with many men, who must meet one condition – to be married.

She mostly meets them on the Internet and then they treat her with expensive gifts, trips…

She revealed that it is at this time of year, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, that she has the most work to do.

She says that she slept with 130 married men and that they are looking for her for the holidays because they know that then they will be closed with the family and that they see this as a pastime, not that they want to divorce.


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