Doctors WARN: Another Possible Symptom of Coyote in LITTLE CHILDREN


Abrupt or almost complete avoidance of solid foods in young children may be one of the indicators of the development of covid-19 and the consequences are a change in the sense of smell and taste in young children, according to a statement from California doctors.

The statement, published this week in the journal Pediatrics, described two young children, both under the age of 18 months, who suddenly developed an aversion to black food at about the same time they were diagnosed with covid-19.

When they ate something, they immediately got the urge to throw out the food.
A child who, at the same time as developing food aversion, suddenly became sensitive to the smell of any fragrant product, which is another sign of a weakening of the smell.

Six to eight months after diagnosis, the two young children began to tolerate solid foods, but neither fully resumed intake of the original amounts.

  • This delayed and variable clinical course in our young patients is in line with recent studies in adults “which show that the problem of smell and taste is related to covid-19” and can develop and disappear, but one third of patients they can have permanent symptoms – the doctors said.

Based on these limited data, they concluded that aversion to food in young children, which has not yet been shown to be sufficient, “should be a sign that we need to test them for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”


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