There has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Audi and Porsche may soon join the biggest motorsport race on the planet: Formula 1.

This possibility exists only because of changes in the rules of the sport that may suit the two German car manufacturers, and with the future of the sport involving so-called e-fuels (synthetic fuels), Porsche may have a preliminary advantage.

Audi has now told the FIA ​​that it intends to confirm its entry into F1 early next year.

Audi board members Markus Duesmann and Oliver Hoffmann sent a letter to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and outgoing FIA President Jean Todt on Tuesday, saying they felt the proposed regulatory changes – including a cost limit for power units – offer a fair trade-off between existing competitors and newcomers alike. Interesting,

Audi took the opportunity to open the letter with a visible blow to national rivals Mercedes, congratulating the FIA ​​on what the carmaker called a fair end to the F1 2021 season, especially the controversial latest lap.

Audi will make its intentions clear by engaging in one way or another early next year – likely once the full engine regulations updates are confirmed – and it seems that if Ingolstadt’s best decides to join the party, he will come with all the flaming weapons.


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