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The nightmare of blockage returns to Europe!

Just before the start of 2022, everything reminds you of the first months of 2021 in terms of the pandemic. On the eve of 2021, European countries and the developed world looked to the future with optimism for a return to normalcy as vaccines promised the end of the pandemic.

A year later, the Omicron variant overturned estimates, forcing states to re-impose quarantine and blockades. The Dutch decision to re-impose the blockade is a precursor to developments for the rest of the European countries, which are already discussing new measures.

At the moment, the leaders of the big countries are facing many problems due to the new variant. The imposition of travel restrictions on African countries proved ineffective, as Omicron had already been discovered in Europe, with London becoming the new center of infection. Experts are calling for action to be taken due to the rapid increase in cases and casualties, and have also called for an increase in the vaccination campaign and the strengthening of health systems, reports abcnews.al

The biggest question mark, which has not yet received a clear answer, is whether the third dose plus the vaccine can be effective and to what extent against Omicron, as the first two doses have not been sufficient.

And given these results many countries are likely to re-impose the blockade.

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