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Summer student project 2022

Sweco Norge, Oslo

NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICE -? Why should the office building be placed on the city’s cream plots when we can work from anywhere? And how do we shape an office with the potential to shape a neighborhood – and change over time ??

Every year, the consultant Sweco and the property developer Aspelin Ramm arrange a joint student project. Throughout the summer, a hand-picked group of students in urban development will work on a current task with close follow-up by some of the country’s best subject experts. This year we take a closer look at the «Neighborhood Office»?

From hub to neighborhood

Urban developers and architects have long discussed the role of office buildings in society. We have talked about everything from workplace design to location and architecture, but also about travel, flexibility and digitalisation. Urban development in recent decades has been based on the hub thinking. After two years of pandemic, however, we dream of? the city of proximity ? – a structure that facilitates living, living, working, playing, experiencing and meeting within short distances. If the office buildings are to have a role in the suburbs, they must contribute to city life, beyond both core time and external walls. In the nearby town, there is no room for a building that has enough of itself.? ?

As always, this year’s summer student project, under the auspices of Sweco and Aspelin Ramm, is about thinking new. Therefore, we are looking for six disruptive engineers, architects, urban planners, climate consultants, sociologists, social geographers or anything else that can together define the “Neighborhood Office”.

Specifically, we wonder:?

  • What role will office buildings play in the city of the future ??
  • What services and offers can office buildings offer to become an activating element in the neighborhood?
  • What do we do with the office buildings that no one uses anymore, and how do we ensure that the office buildings of the future do not end up in the same situation?

The goal of the “Neighborhood Office” is to generate new knowledge and ideas so that the office buildings of the future are adapted to employees’ expectations, and so that the buildings contribute to a greener, happier, integrated and creative city.? In short: The future is about adaptation, so how should we think office workplaces adapted to the future visions of tomorrow’s city life and neighborhood friendly city?

A little about you

To thrive on the project, you must be able to work analytically, interdisciplinary and fact-based, and also develop new ideas and build on others. You are someone who takes responsibility and makes things happen, and who keeps the mood up in demanding situations. In addition, you are structured and quality-conscious, make rational assessments, and are able to present concepts clearly and engagingly, even in front of an audience. You are also aware of your own limitations and want to develop further with us.?

Do you have questions about the position? Get in touch with Kenneth Dahlgren (Aspelin Ramm) or Johannes Goa Ludvigsen (Sweco)?


Link to application form: Send application



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