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Lewis Hamilton is honored with the title ‘Knight’ by Prince Charles

Lewis Hamilton was honored with the title of rider for his contribution to motor sports, just three days after failing to take the eighth title in Formula 1.

Accompanied by his mother, the 36-year-old was decorated by Prince Charles at a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The British driver of “Mercedes” lost the title of 2021 against Max Verstappen of “Red Bull” at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Verstappen overtook him in the final lap of the race after she resumed as a result of passing a safety car.

The decision to race again for a lap, which violated the rules and protocols of the International Automobile Federation, left Hamilton, who had dominated the entire race, with the old tires.

Verstappen, who had stopped to get the new tires, passed it to him and won.

The Mercedes team has stated that it will appeal the decision and has until Thursday to decide whether to do it or withdraw.

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