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Extraordinary in Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen Formula 1 world champion

Max Verstappen is the new Formula One World Champion At the age of 24, Verstappen is ending the hegemony of Lewis Hamilton, who in fact considered the eighth title in his career to be safe. All this because the Briton was in the lead of the race until the last lap at the Yas Marina track in Abu Dhabi.

But what happened during the race? It started with “xixa” from the start, as Hamilton overtakes Verstappen taking the lead, while a few meters further, the Dutchman manages to overtake the Briton, however a contact between the two advantages the 36-year-old. From that moment, Hamilton becomes elusive, while although after the stop in boxing, Perez tries to become a factor in favor of Verstappen, the Briton is significantly faster and overtakes the Mexican to calmly lead the race.

Until in the five laps before the end, the safety car enters the track after an accident of Latif. Verstappen uses the moment to change tires, while Hamilton stays on the track in the hope that the race would close under safety car mode. But, she leaves a lap before the end and Verstappen was enough to give the maximum and with the most fit tires, overtook the Briton. Hamilton tried to counterattack until the end, but the Dutchman defended to perfection and managed to be declared World Champion.

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