41 years ago was given Nobel Prize to Mother Teresa


Today’s 365 Days of Human Rights campaign around the world marks 42 years since St. Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize.

On December 10, 1979, in Oslo, Norway, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was declared a Nobel laureate, thus becoming the first Albanian to win the most prestigious award in the world.

At the time of receiving the Nobel Prize in 1979, one of the clergymen in the hall asked Mother Teresa where she was from.

She stated: “I was born in Skopje, I was educated in London, I live in Calcutta and I work for all the poor people in the world. “My homeland is a small country called Albania.”

That day the whole world learned that St. Teresa was Albanian. She has had difficulty speaking Albanian fluently after 70 years away and living in non-Albanian settings, but she has never denied her Albanian origin.

Her writings in Albanian are the letters of youth and then with her family in Albanian, greetings in Albanian to the Albanian people after winning the Nobel Prize in 1979.

She was a caring mother of 7,500 children in 60 schools, a mother treating 960,000 sick people in 213 dispensaries, the only one in the world to treat 47,000 leprosy victims in 54 clinics, caring for 3,400 abandoned and displaced elderly people in 20 nursing home, had adopted 160 illegitimate and orphaned children. These are the figures of the mid-eig


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