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Time: AntiCovid-19 vaccines and tests among the top inventions of 2021

Vaccines and home tests against Covid-19 are among the best inventions of 2021, according to the prestigious magazine “Time”.

The well-known American magazine, as every year, has released the list of 100 products that have marked the last 12 months.

These also include climate equipment and products.

There are two products for Covid-19, the first being three home tests, manufactured by Abbot, Ellume and Acon.

“These do not replace standard PCR tests, but can serve as the first line of defense in identifying those infected and limiting the spread of the virus,” writes Time.

Subsequently, vaccines against the disease in general, all those made available globally.

Among the products crowned by “Time” is the foldable phone from “Samsung” (Galaxy Z Flip 3), the only smartphone on the list, because it is the only one that has come out with a competitive price.

In the field of information technology, “Time” also evaluates the “Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2”, a laptop which in addition to the classic internal screen, instead of a lid has an external one, optimized for reading e-books.

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