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The BMW M4 gets a sleeker change and more power

Ever since it was unveiled last year, BMW’s bold new design language for the G82 M4 has divided opinions. In particular, the massive vertical grilles of the M4 kidney have been mistreated, though after seeing the M4 in metal and taking it for a test, we will admit that the controversial style is growing in us.

Compared to the usual 4 Series, the new M4 looks more aggressive with its larger wheel arches, airy hood and engraved front fascia. But bold style will not appeal to everyone. If you want to add a classy style to the BMW sports cup, Japanese tuner 3D Design has announced a new styling and tuning package that gives the G82 M4 a more elegant look and an increase in power under the hood.

The style changes are subtle, but they make a big difference. On the front, a carbon fiber lip spoiler gives the front a slimmer look. It also makes the front look lower, giving the M4 a more sporty attitude. We also really like the 3D Design five-spoke wheels, which make the M4 look more refined and stylish than standard cars. Overall, 3D Design has done an excellent job of improving the M4’s style while maintaining its sporty character.

Inside, 3D Design has also added aluminum pedals and gearboxes. Alternatively, paddle switches are also available in carbon fiber, but we prefer the aluminum band.

In addition, the interior can be upgraded with new floor mats and carbon inserts for the steering wheel. If the M4 is not powerful enough for you, 3D Design can solve this with an amplifier chip that increases the turbocharger boost pressure, increasing power from 503 horsepower in the standard M4 Competition to 577 hp.

3D Design has not revealed any performance specifications, but the modified M4 should be slightly faster than the regular M4 Competition, which accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and reaches 180 mph.

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