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Sixteenth century carpet sold for 6.88 million euros

A rare carpet belonging to the Chinese dynasty, the Ming was sold for 6.88 million euros at an auction in Christie’s Paris.

He belonged to the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City of Beijing, which had not appeared in public in the last 34 years.

“This particular rug, because of its shape and decoration, was designed for the Chinese imperial throne,” said Louise Broadhurst, an oriental rug expert.

The magnificent carpet dates back to the 16th century when Broadhurst explained that there was an imperial workshop that created them just for the Forbidden City interiors.

“This is one of only seven full rugs of ‘Dragon Throne’ left in Western collections. There are nine other carpets, but they are in the palace museum in Beijing. “Of course, they will never come out of that museum collection,” Broadhurst added.

It is learned that the carpet was first purchased in 1920 by a couple from Iowa (USA) who were on their honeymoon in China.

The carpet was lent to the Cleveland Museum of Art and then sold in 1987 to a private collector in Switzerland.

The carpet appears to be yellow, but is believed to have been red when it was first sewn in an empire workshop. The carpet has faded over time.

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