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Seven traits of people with integrity

Integrity is a very virtuous characteristic of people who manage to make it their own and transmit it so beautifully to others. Sometimes integrity is invisible, here’s how to understand it!

Integrity is a word you hear almost every day, but it is not a word that people spend a lot of time thinking about. Integrity is the observance of a particular code of values and morals. In other words the basis of integrity is to do the right thing when others do not have the mind. An individual with integrity is a medicine of self. Here are some examples of everyday life that we can consider as integrity.

  1. Parents who apologize to their children when they do something wrong to them
  2. Bosses who emphasize the accomplishments of their staff while being modest about theirs
  3. Romantic partners who do not give each other nicknames
  4. Drivers who almost never blow the trumpet
  5. People in power positions apologizing for delays
  6. Anyone who does not accuse on suspicion
  7. Volunteers

As a society, we do not do enough volunteer work. However, some men and women volunteer part of their time. This shows that they see the broader aspect of life and that they want the well-being of others, not just themselves. Where is the best description of integrity?

The good news about integrity is that you are not born with it or without it. Based on your daily behavior you can cultivate integrity over time.

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