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Edi Reja joins UEFA initiative: away from alcohol and smoking

The coach of the Albanian National Team, Edoardo Reja, has joined the UEFA campaign “Coaches for Health – Feel Well, Play Well” (Campaign for health coaches – Feel good, play well) together with the coaches of the national teams of 55 UEFA member federations.

This campaign aims to raise awareness among young people about the benefits of physical activity, healthy eating and the importance of mental health.

In the video message given for this UEFA campaign, the Italian technician calls on young people to lead a healthy life full of physical activity, to avoid alcohol and smoking, as well as to turn to a specialist if they have problems. on mental health.

Moreover, Reja gives his example of how he manages to maintain a good physical and mental shape, leading a regular and active life.

“I have always wanted to keep fit. I can not stay a day without doing something. Lately I certainly prefer the bike. It is very important to avoid the use of alcohol. The way you eat is very important and above all physical activity. A person if he is in good physical condition, should always do physical activity. I am 76 years old and I still feel young because I have always led a very regular life.

As for the mental state, which is essential beyond the physical state, it should always be in the foreground, because it is the mind that makes you move. If you have problems you should talk to your family first. You should also talk to a psychologist as they can also help you in this regard. “When you are physically healthy, you are healthy and mentally!”, Says Edy Reja in his message.

Health and well-being are essential for sport and UEFA promotes the benefits and importance of pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle while playing football.

UEFA is convinced that the popularity and great influence of football brings a responsibility that the governing body of sport in Europe can not ignore: to serve as a model and a strong voice for positive change on global issues.

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