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Unveiled four Astra Sport Tourer models

Following the new Astra hatchback that premiered earlier this year, Opel has now introduced the all-new Astran Caravan.
The new model is named Astra Sports Tourer and has a wheelbase of 273 cm, length 464 cm, width 186 and height 148 cm.

Opel has announced that the luggage volume is from 548 to 1634 liters, depending on the type. In hybrid versions the luggage is slightly smaller.

The following versions of the Astra Sports Tourer are planned for the market: Plug-in Hybrid with 180 horsepower, then two models with 1.2-liter turbo gasoline with three cylinders with 110 horsepower and 130 horsepower, as well as the model with 1, 5 liters turbo diesel with four cylinders and 130 horsepower.
The Plug-in Hybrid version with 180 horsepower has a 12.4 kWh battery and that the car can travel up to 60 km in electric mode.

Prices for the new Astra Sports Tourer have not yet been announced, but unofficially, the station in Germany is expected to be around 2000 euros more expensive than the Astra hatchback.

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