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Most effective traditional cure in Albania

If you were born before 1990, we do not believe that there is any Albanian who does not know the most famous cure of our mothers But, above all, the most effective cure proven directly in terms of joint sprains, shoulder movements, ankles, cramps, “tearing of the flesh”, or swelling, etc WHAT YOU NEED Just an onion, better it would be red. But white also works. Keep in mind that the onion should not be peeled at all and should be crushed as it is, until it takes the form of a puree. To this puree is added 1 tablespoon of black salt, from the thick one, ie raw. Mix well together. Then take a thick meringue, it would be good to make flannel, or a cheesecloth that you fold so that it is done in several layers and fill it with onion and salt, that you prepared. How to use it Put it in the area where you have any of the problems we mentioned above; shoulder, foot, wrist, etc., or if you were killed somewhere, or swollen from something else. Hold for 24 hours in a row in the place that hurts you. If you want, you can even change the nappy with onion and salt within 12 hours, with another one the same. This folk remedy really has a calming effect, but also healing. Because, onion has properties that reduce swelling and improves the functioning of blood cells, promotes their rapid regeneration. While salt does not allow the damaged, swollen, or “collapsed” area to darken, plus that in combination with the onion kills any type of germ and possible infection, which tends to spread. Another use is that you can put the salted onion in a cheesecloth, or meringue, as if creating a small bag, ie and placing it in the chest area if you have a cold, lung problems or asthma. It can also be used externally for toothache if your cheek is swollen. Or on the neck if you have problems with the throat, tonsils, or thyroid glands.

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