McGregor expresses revolt to his state


Conor McGregor continues to recover from a leg injury, however he has turned his attention to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that forced vaccination is a war crime. In what would turn into a joke, the Irish UFC fighter would detail his opinion on not being able to decide whether or not to get the vaccine. “Compulsory vaccination is a war crime,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Do you think that forcing people to inject something into their body is not a crime?” “People should have a choice, an attempt to force people to be vaccinated by the European Union, I can not agree with that, but I know our dogs in power will do what they are told, it’s time for Ireland to leave the European Union ”. Faced with significant opposition to his views, McGregor would later delete his Twitter posts and try to clarify his position. “I’m not against vaccines, I’m against not being able to choose, God bless those who think differently,” McGregor continued.


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