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How can we protect ourselves from the Omicron variant?

To protect yourself from the new Omicron variant people need to consider the measures as for any other variant of COVID-19, so you need to be vaccinated, get the extra dose if you are eligible and increase other precautions like wearing a mask and crowd avoidance, reports AP News.

For all the attention Omicron is getting, the overwhelming cause of infections and deaths in many countries remains the delta variant that is extra-infectious.

“Delta is the real danger at the moment. “Omicron is an insecure threat,” Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health in the United States, told AP News. Despite the coronavirus variant, Collins said, “We know what to do.”

It will take a few weeks to learn the key aspects about the latter variant, including whether it is more contagious, causes more serious illness, or avoids immunity – and if so, how much.

Meanwhile, “what we need to do is add more layers of protection,” says Dr. Julie Vaishampayan from the Infectious Diseases Association in the US. This is especially important with holiday trips and corner meetings.

The booster dose is one of those layers. Increased dose causes a large increase in antibodies that fight viruses.

In addition to mask placement, crowd avoidance, and improved ventilation, testing is another protective step. This is recommended for anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been potentially exposed to the virus. But it can also help provide security ahead of holiday gatherings, even if all participants have been vaccinated, says Vaishampayan.

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