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Future houses, 3D printed apartments in Italy

They look like ancient civilizations but in fact they are the first eco-sustainable homes in the world, 3D printed in Italy. This idea was put forward by architect Mario Cucinella, who hopes the latest construction technology can help homeless people and those facing natural disasters.

Called TECLA, they are a combination of technology and clay. “We like to think that TECLA is the beginning of a new story. It would be really extraordinary to shape the future by transforming this ancient material with the technologies we have available today. ” he said.

The first group of houses were built in Massa Lombarda, near Ravenna in Italy, using multiple 3D printers running simultaneously. They can be created in just 200 hours of printing. The prototype, which had an area of 645 square feet, was built in layers without the need for scaffolding.

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