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Assistant nurses to Åsbacka in Molkom

We are now looking for assistant nurses at Åsbacka in Molkom for permanent employment. We offer training and several benefits. Search service last November 19, 2021.

et this will get with us:

  • Education that makes your work easier, such as care hygiene, treatment for dementia and ergonomics.
  • Benefit portal with discounts and benefits. For example, you can buy movie tickets and travel by public transport at a good price.
  • A coaching and supportive manager who works with you in everyday life.
  • Clear working methods and routines that simplify your job.
  • Career and development opportunities. For example, you can become a group manager with personnel responsibility or have a specific subject responsibility as dementia manager or hygiene representative.
  • Of course, we also have fitness allowances, shoe allowances, work clothes and collective agreements.

About Åsbacka

Åsbacka is a nursing home for people with dementia or age-related physical illnesses. We offer individually tailored care based on the national values ​​for elderly care. We start from each resident’s needs, look after and strengthen what is healthy and work to preserve function with care, integrity and freedom of choice.

Åsbacka is located in central Molkom, 30 km north of Karlstad, with a view of the beautiful Molkomssjön. Here it is close to both service and nature.

  • We are a dementia-certified home, which means that all of us who work here are trained in dementia and treatment via Vardagas Dementia Academy.
  • We apply a needs-based wish schedule. This means that you as an employee have the opportunity to influence your own working hours, based on needs and wishes. We set a schedule for 10 weeks at a time.
  • You have a group manager who spends most of his time working close to you in the business. Becoming a group manager can also be a career opportunity for you as an assistant nurse.
  • Here we work with animals in care and have regular visits from therapy dogs.
  • We work all the time to invent new, exciting activities for our residents.

As an assistant nurse, you are extremely important!
Your task is to provide quality of life. With your help, our residents can maintain their way of life and their habits. You see each person and interpret what they need. At the same time, you learn a lot about nursing, aging and how to treat people.

“It’s mainly about meeting people, being able to adapt and read what people need. You get colleagues and learn a lot about collaboration! It often happens a lot of fun things, activities and excursions. It’s a job with a lot of laughter.” Jirapinya Muangsiri

You are closest to the resident and thus have a key role in the team with nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. You also participate in care planning and write social documentation.

With the heart in the right place
With us, you get to work in a strong culture where we are driven by our vision: “We make the world a little better, one person at a time”. It is extremely important that you share our vision and our four values:

Respect: With us, everyone has the right to a dignified life with physical, mental and social well-being. Responsibility: With us, we have employees who dare and want and managers who listen and lead.
Simplicity: With us, it is easy to influence and be an employee or customer.
Knowledge: With us, we reflect, learn from each other and take advantage of everyone’s competence.
Together, we work continuously to ensure that the values ​​permeate our treatment, both to each other and to everyone who lives with us.

“Here are good and clear values ​​and goals that have guided me all the way to be able to perform my work in the best way.” Raquel Castaneda

Your experience and knowledge
We believe that you:
… are attracted to a varied job and enjoy meeting people in different situations.
… is a creative person who dares to think for himself and take responsibility.
… enjoy working in teams and supporting your colleagues.
We are happy to see that you are a trained assistant nurse and have worked for a few years in elderly care. Good computer skills and experience of documentation are also an advantage.
Good knowledge of the Swedish language in speech and writing is a requirement, but otherwise your CV is not the most important. If you share our values ​​and have the right qualities, we will give you support and the opportunity to grow.
“I have always been believed and invested in. It has been a lot of internal training, and when you come up with ideas, the employer listens.” Mårten Hedberg

Salary: We apply individual salary setting
Access date: By agreement
Last application date: 2021-11-19
Do you have questions? Please contact: Maria Andersson 0701-04 30 37. Please note that it is not possible to apply via E-mail.
If you want to know more about what it is like to work at Vardaga, feel free to read more and meet some of our employees here.
Union contact: Kommunal tel. 010-442 90 32

Welcome to apply via the “Send application” button below. Do not wait to apply as we make selections on an ongoing basis.

At Vardagas’ more than 100 homes around Sweden, we offer elderly care where every day is just as important. With us, you meet expertise and security in every nursing home, short-term housing, in home care and day care. We must be a quality leader in everything we do and our vision is to make the world a little better, one person at a time. Our employees work with each individual’s quality of life and security in focus. Everyday life is part of the company group Ambea.



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