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Seriously injured Dutchman Jacobsen, Groenewegen suspended for 9 months for the incident

Jumbo-Visma cyclist Dylan Groenewegen has been sentenced to a nine-month suspension after causing a serious collision that left Fabio Jakobsen in a coma during a tour of Poland. Dutch athlete Groenewegen deviated from his line, hitting Jakobsen on the restrictive barriers just before they reached the finish line in the race that took place last 5 August. An action that was widely judged to be intentional, while even the film footage in some angles confirms that Groeneweegn’s gesture was not accidental.

Investigations into the matter also concluded that the action of the Dutch cyclist was intentional. His sentence starts from the date of the incident and will end on May 7 next year. Deceuninck-QuickStep cyclist Jakobsen later after that horrific accident said he was happy he was still alive. He had to spend a week in intensive care and perform two surgeries to rebuild his face and jaw, while there are still other surgeries scheduled for 2021.

A Deceuninck-Quick Step team spokesman told BBC Sports that Jakobsen was recovering well. Meanwhile, a 27-year-old Groenewegen statement said: “The clash in the first stage of the Polish Tour will forever remain a black page in my career. The consequences were very serious, I am aware of this and I hope this has been a lesson for every cyclist. I follow very closely the news of Jacobsen’s recovery and I can only hope that one day he will return completely to what he was. Closing this disciplinary matter means that everything is finally clear. “It gives me the opportunity to look ahead.”

The International Cycling Federation stated that Groenewegen, who also suffered injuries during the accident and underwent clavicle surgery, will be allowed to attend a series of events that benefit the cycling community.



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