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The man of records does not know how to stop / Hamilton 100, the story goes on…

On Sunday in Russia was written a very important page in the history of Formula 1. 100 victories of Lewis Hamilton certify an extraordinary journey of this pilot, who has taken this sport to another dimension, in relation to what they have achieved its predecessors in the highest category of automotive.

The Mercedes Briton has set new standards in the 15 seasons that have seen him as the number 1 of the sport. There are those who believe that numbers are not everything and this may be true, but arithmetic helps us to better understand the perimeter and trace of this incredible journey that Hamilton is making in Formula

  1. The 100th victory sealed in the rain at the Russian Grand Prix is ​​an unimaginable result in the logic of sport and this is best confirmed by the history of the past in F1. To capture such a lot of success, we must gather together the victories of legends like Fanjo, Lauda and Prost or of Sena, Alonso and Stewart.

Leaving aside eras and history, we do this exercise only to show the dimension of this record, which is an extraterrestrial result. It took Hamilton 15 seasons to secure the triple-digit triumph, from his fantastic debut in 2007 to the Russian race two days ago.

In every victory the world champion has left a mark, somewhere less and somewhere more. In three different decades, the guy from Stevenage has managed to celebrate on 29 different tracks and in 22 states. The average climb to the top podium is really scary: 35.6%, with 100 successes in 281 races held in total.



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