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FORMULA 1 / World fates pass through Turkey, the Hamilton-Vershtapen battle moves to the Istanbul circuit. Here are the characteristics of the race

Formula 1 this weekend will stop in Istanbul for the 16th stage of the season, as the Turkish Grand Prix takes place. A very important race, which is expected to have a big impact on the fate of the world, where we have a tooth-to-tooth fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Vershtapen.

F1 Grand Prix of Turkey
With 246.6 points, the British Mercedes has only 2 points more than the Dutchman of Red Bull, where there are still 7 races left from the end of the championship. But let’s take a look at the Instanbul Park circuit, which remains one of the most demanding for pilots due to the many turns. The most famous is turn number 8, which is considered one of the most spectacular due to its length of 640 meters, which are described at high speed.

Also noteworthy is the strong braking point at the end of the straight section, which sends you to turn number 9. A sector where it passes from the speed of 313 km / h to 92 km / h. Also, there are many other special and very demanding turns for tires. The first turn starts with discus and ends in the mountains, while the part of speed, which comes to climb, remains spectacular. The whole circuit has used the natural terrain of the area, with dishes and mountains.

WEATHER, AN UNKNOWN- One of the questions of the race in Turkey will be the weather, as this season’s race will be held about a month ago in relation to the one held in 2020. The rain that covered the track in the season of the past has prevented teams from getting data regarding tires.

In particular C4, the softest of Pirelli, which has never been used in Istanbul. A year ago, Luis Hamilton triumphed on Turkish soil, a success that mathematically gave the British champion his seventh title.

The Mercedes driver managed the tires wonderfully and managed to triumph after a one-stop strategy: doing 8 laps with “full wet” tires and then 50 with medium ones. But this season’s race is expected to be a real battle, thanks to Max Vershtapen. The Red Bull Dutchman has greatly increased his level on the track and will do everything in Istanbul to regain the top of the drivers’ standings.



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